Business Simulation: Social Media Strategies

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Principles of marketing professors know they need to cover digital marketing in this day and age but know they can’t spend a month teaching the topic. In 1-2 class periods not only will Mimic Intro teach its students the principles, but will also give them a real-world learning experience.

  • Practice with thousands of simulated ad dollars.
  • Create and optimize simulated PPC campaigns.
  • Make a mistake? Waste thousands? No sweat. It’s not real money!
  • Prepares users for the real world.
  • Practice A/B testing and Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Do keyword research and plan bid strategies.
  • Get significant keyword and conversion data sets to analyze.
  • Launch multiple email campaigns.
  • Learn by doing – read, then practice.
  • Compete with other users to see how you perform.


➔    Write Targeted Ads
➔    Perform Strategic Keyword Research
➔    Create High-Converting Landing Pages
➔    How to Measure Key Performance Indicators
➔    Product and Pricing
➔    Email Marketing
➔    Implementing Messenger strategies
➔   Designing Chatbots

How it works? 


180 hours


180 hours


100% Online

Courses Overview 

The Business Simulation platform features the world’s #1 digital marketing simulation and the world’s FIRST social media marketing simulation used in education. Using the simulation experience, will have in the second part of the module by implementing in a customer acquisition marketing plan. .

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