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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an ever growing and changing field thanks to it being synonymous with technology. Due to the increased digitization and technological advancements of ALL industries, Digital Marketing is needed everywhere around the globe by every business. The digital economy is growing on a global scale.

According to a survey by Digital Marketing Depot, young people between 21-29 represent only 22.2% of the age demographic, once again confirming a great need for young talent. These stats lay down the groundwork for one of the most exciting and dynamic careers available today, where you get to be picky with which job to choose, and we want to help you get that opportunity!

You will have both the knowledge and experience (through real case assignments and internships) to launch your career right after graduating. Depending on your internship experience and preferences you’ll be able to choose from one or a combination of the following skill related career:

✓ Analytics
✓ Content Marketing
✓ Copywriting
✓ Social Media Marketing
✓ Conversion Funnel Marketing
✓ PPC Marketing
✓ Email Marketing

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