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What happens after you graduate with a Bachelor's degree?

If you attend a traditional Master’s degree program, you will most probably gain a wealth of knowledge in your chosen field. But you might not get the real world industry experience employers are looking for and that you need to succeed in your career.

Or get hired just about anywhere hoping to gain some work experience that will better position you when you apply for future jobs?
If you try to enter the job market right away, you may discover it's challenging to find any exciting and fulfilling position without having previous work experience or specialized skills. But how do you gain experience or skills if you can’t get a right job in the first place? And how do you break this vicious circle?

By attending our program you will break the vicious circle and gain rapid Digital Marketing skill development and great earning potential. Our program is a transformative 18-month experience in Digital Marketing during which you will attend Digital Marketing online classes for 6 months followed by a paid internship within an innovative company in New York City, while simultaneously receiving career coaching and mentoring. 

How it Works


Attend Digital Marketing course online

When course completed, we start looking for a suitable placement/online project  in a host company in New York City

US Students:
start online project
Int'l Students :
Get Visa &
Travel to US

Start your online internship or online project and simultaneously attend career coaching seminars with MSI

Finish your 12 month internship in Digital Marketing

Start a career in Digital Marketing anywhere in the world
Progress towards
an online Master's degree program and continue your internship in US for 18 more months 

Program Overview

US Students: start online program
Int'l Students: start online program & prepare for interview

Online study 6 months

Full Digital Marketing  online course 

Interviewing with  potential host companies 

US & Int'l Students

Work Experience 12 months

Full time internship  

Career Coaching  & Projects



Start a career in Digital Marketing anywhere in the world
Progress towards an online
Master’s degree and continue internship
in US for 18 more months. 

This digital marketing diploma program begins with an introduction of the digital marketing landscape, gaining a fundamental understanding of its core principles, as well as being able to define the key differences between Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing. 

The program then takes a closer look at search engine platforms, covering terminology and technical insights necessary for an effective SEO strategy. You will understand how to create, measure and analyze advertising campaigns.

By the end of the online course, you will integrate your digital marketing ideas to develop, plan and implement an effective digital marketing strategy, based on your organizational priorities and resources.

You will then have a great opportunity to put everything you’ve learned online into practice by applying for a 12 month paid online or offline internship  company in New York City.


1. Fundamentals
2. Digital & Social Selling
3. Search Marketing
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Digital Strategy & Planning
6. Introduction to Internet of Things
7. Business Simulation: Social Media Strategies

Online Projects / Online Internships / Internships in New York City

General Considerations
Digital Marketing Internships in New York City
How does a typical day of a Digital Marketing intern look like?
What to expect?

Academic Progression

Students who successfully complete this program gain advanced entry into a university master's degree program with one of our two partner universities.
More information will be available soon.


➔ Certificate of Completion from Manhattan Studies Institute
➔ Professional Diploma from Digital Marketing Institute
➔ Certificate of Completion from CISCO Networking Academy
➔ Certificate of Proficiency from Stukent

Who should enroll

This program has been especially designed for US & International recent graduates and young professionals. It is meant to bridge the gap between graduating with a Bachelor’s degree and securing a relevant position in the industry, as many graduates find it difficult to start a career due to lack of work experience and specialized skills.This program is for you if you meet all or any of the below criteria:

➔ You are recently out of college and having difficulties finding a job because of no work experience or relevant specialized skills

➔ You are a young professional stuck in a junior business role or in a non-career position with limited potential or room to grow

➔ You want to gain professional skills, immediately start a career and EARN!

➔ You are trying to apply for a professional / management training program in U.S., but you find it difficult to identify a suitable host company and go through the visa process

➔ You want to gain American work, study and life experience and be recognized as a competent professional in your field

➔ You need career path clarity, and want to build confidence for future interviews and be eligible to work anywhere in the world

➔ You want professional growth: you agree training and learning in Digital Marketing in New York City will boost your career a few levels up and will make you grow as a professional

➔ You want personal growth: you want to experience working, studying and living in a place like New York City as this will make you grow as an individual

➔ You want to be able to finance your study and living expenses by getting paid while you train

➔ You like to communicate, are comfortable with technology and think Digital Marketing is a solid career option for you

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