Diploma in Digital Marketing

Overview and Structure

We are living in a world that is connected more and more via the online environment. Naturally, the field of digital marketing is nowadays one of the prime sources of customer relationships and all brand-related promotion. This makes it of crucial importance to all modern, aspiring and visionary businesses and the brains behind them. Taking this is into consideration, a qualification in this area is most certainly useful, but why is our program the right one for you?

This digital marketing diploma program begins with an introduction of the digital marketing landscape, gaining a fundamental understanding of its core principles, as well as being able to define the key differences between Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing. 

The program then takes a closer look at search engine platforms, covering terminology and technical insights necessary for an effective SEO strategy. You will understand how to create, measure and analyze advertising campaigns.

By the end of the online course, you will integrate your digital marketing ideas to develop, plan and implement an effective digital marketing strategy, based on your organizational priorities and resources.

You will then have a great opportunity to put everything you’ve learnt online into practice by either applying for a 12 month paid internship in a company in New York City or by starting your own online marketing agency. All with our help.


Our 6 month educational program comes as a perfect blend of quality and quantity of information that will get you ready to face the industry head-on.


Regardless of your choice between employment or entrepreneurship, our 12 month after-study programme will add up to a complete learning experience.

How it works? 






100% Online




12 months



Industry validated

The Industry Advisory Council, representing the world’s largest and most influential digital brands, validates all Digital Marketing Institute course content. By providing expert review and recommendations on a regular basis, the Council ensures that graduates of the Digital Marketing Institute have learned the most up to date digital skills, core competencies and knowledge needed to thrive in their digital careers. 

What you’ll learn

1. Fundamentals
2. Digital & Social Selling
3. Search Marketing
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Digital Strategy & Planning
6. Introduction to Internet of Things
7. Business Simulation: Social Media Strategies


➔ Certificate of Completion from Manhattan Studies Institute
➔ Professional Diploma from Digital Marketing Institute
➔ Certificate of Completion from CISCO Networking Academy
➔ Certificate of Proficiency from Stukent

Who should enroll

recent university graduates

traditional marketers

digital marketing professionals

business owners

career changers


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