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Why an internship after an online program?

What could possibly be the reasoning behind wanting to go on an internship? Is it as important as they say it is or is it just overhyped nonsense? We’ll put it simple. It’s essential, but you have to want it and be prepared for it. The perfect mix of a quality educational base and a strong starting practical experience make up for a recipe of success. If you haven’t already, you’ll see for yourself soon enough that one without the other won’t take you far and you’ll sooner or later hit a barrier in your career. It’s a good thing that we’re there to help you avoid that.
Aside from the beauty of “the Big Apple”, there are several reasons for choosing New York City as the location for your internship. At the center of them is the most important one for you - opportunity. The Digital Marketing field is constantly changing on all levels, from people to tech to strategies. In order for you to land the perfect job, you need to be in the perfect place. By being based in New York, through our partners, we can offer a large number of high-quality internship programs with several of the biggest companies in the field. Could you imagine a better starting point for your career?

How does it work for local students?

After completing the online program, you are ready to join the work force. Should you like us to help, we can arrange for interviews with our partner host companies for positions according to your preferences and level of knowledge and skills. Once an application is successful you can start your new job, as simple as that.

How does it work for international students?

In order to be eligible for one of the above-mentioned opportunities after completing your studies at Manhattan Studies Institute, you must meet the criteria from one of the options bellow. Depending on your professional & educational background, you can apply for either the J1-Intern Program or J1-Trainee Program, as follows:

J-1 Intern Eligibility

The J-1 Intern program is intended for college students or recent graduates to build on their education foundation through cultural exchange. By completing a training program in the United States, our alumni will gain practical experience in the American approach to management.

To be eligible for a J-1 Intern Program, you must be between the ages of 18 - 35 and meet ONE of the following criteria:

1. A current student at an accredited program pursuing a degree at the Associates level or higher.
2. A graduate who has received a degree within the last 12 months. This degree must be from an accredited program at the Associates level or higher.

J-1 Trainee Eligibility

The J-1 Trainee program is designed for young professionals and recent graduates with work experience in their field of interest. J-1 Trainees are looking to propel their careers, gain experience in American management, and hone their skills through an advanced training program. 

To qualify for a J-1 Trainee Program, participants must between the ages of 18 - 35 and meet ONE of the two criteria:

1. A graduate from an accredited institution at the Associates level or higher with at least 12 months of related work experience outside of the United States. 
2. A young professional with at least 5 years (60 months) of experience in their field of interest.

    * Enrolling in an international exchange program is the beginning of a journey that can impact your life both professionally and personally.
We invite you to begin your journey with us. 

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What to expect?

Taking part in an NYC internship must feel quite new and also a bit challenging. Your personal and professional development are greatly influenced by this first experience and we are here to guide you through it. You might ask us: “What does an internship look like?”. Well, even though we have a wide selection of offers, from small to large industry partners, we can give you a general idea of what to expect.
During your 12 months internship, the regular work volume is 40 hours per week in which you will work with different teams to complete tasks related to project planning and development, ad creation, monitoring and analysis, participation in periodic reports and content creation. 

For this you will receive a stipend of at least $1,500.
If this sounds good for you, then what are you waiting for?

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